The Benefit Of Microbreaks


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Do you know the importance of doing microbreaks throughout the day? Top Apex Chiropractor Tri Myers explains below.

Let me just start this off with something everyone should be doing in their day to day life. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. And when I say that I mean basically drink half your body weight in water. No, you will not drown your body from doing this. By doing this, you will see many benefits from it. Your body is made up of 60% water so when you look at that, it’s MORE than half your body weight. Water is very important, and therefore you should drink plenty of it. The benefits not only are for keeping your body healthy, but it can help with your joints, body tissue, assist in weight loss, and much more!

Now that you understand the importance of drinking water, there are some things that you should be doing every day. They are called microbreaks. If you are at work all day you should be consistently drinking water. Then you should have the need to get up and use the restroom about 5 times a day. While you are getting up, you should do some exercises to help with the functionality of your body.

There are 5 different microbreak stretches that you should be doing each time you get up for a bathroom break.


  1. Chin tucks/6-way neck stretch. This will help your neck muscles and will help relax and strengthen it so that your posture from starring at a computer screen all day doesn’t affect it as badly.
  2. The door stretch. Again, if you are one that is on the computer all day, your posture needs to be stretched and strengthened to correct the ‘at the desk posture’.
  3. Toe touch. This will hep stretch out that back and stretch out those legs of yours. If you’ve been either standing or sitting all day, this can result in stiffness in the body and by stretching your body and bending over to touch your toes, this can alleviate that stiffness.
  4. Hip flexor stretch. This will involve a chair or can be done on a wall. This will stretch out your hip flexors/quads.
  5. Finally, the ankle stretch. By creating mobility in your ankles this will be beneficial for your overall function.

Again, if you are constantly sitting down or simply standing at your work place your ankles aren’t getting the mobility they need, and this will create stiffness and problems in the future.

To conclude, drink water, go take at least 5 bathroom breaks periodically throughout the day, and start reaping the benefits. For more information, call our team at Omega Chiropractic Center - Sports Performance & Nutrition in Apex today!

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