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Ankle Pain in Cary NC

How Ankles Affect Gait and Squats

How Ankles Affect Gait and Squats Think of your ankles like they are your stabilizers in anything that you try to perform on a day to day basis. Once you mess up your stabilizers aka your ankles, your body can suffer from many negative outcomes. Your body is one giant kinetic chain. Everything works together…

Do Chiropractors in Cary Only Offer Pain Relief

Do Chiropractors in Cary Only Offer Pain Relief

DO CHIROPRACTORS IN Cary ONLY OFFER PAIN RELIEF? There is a common misconception in the public sphere that chiropractic care can only relieve pain. It is well known that if one is dealing with back or neck pain, one should go visit a chiropractor. Are chiropractors in Cary able to offer more? Pain Is Just…

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What Are Oblique Slings?

What Are Oblique Slings? Many people do not know what Oblique slings are. Do you? Do you know the use for these? Oblique Sling is a line of musculature that runs from your shoulder to the side of your pelvis. So essentially it goes from your right shoulder to your left hip and your left…

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Your Thoracic Spine Should Have Tons of Mobility.. Why?

Your Thoracic Spine Should HaveTons of Mobility.. Why? First off, do you even know where your thoracic spine is located? Most people will only know things like; lower back, upper back, and neck. Your Thoracic is spine is right behind your shoulder and chest area. Your thoracic spine is built for 3 functions; rotation, flexion,…

Neck Pain in Cary NC

Should Your Neck Tighten Up With Arm Movements?

Should Your Neck Tighten UpWith Arm Movements? There are many reasons as to why your neck is tightening up when you are moving your arms. It could because of some of these factors: Your posture Your computer Your phone Your purse Your sleeping habits Your TMJ Your stress Your job Top Cary chiropractor explains that…

Chiropractic in Cary Can Help Improve Posture

Chiropractic in Cary Can Help Improve Posture

CHIROPRACTIC IN Cary CAN HELP IMPROVE POSTURE Many individuals struggle with their posture in this country, often resulting in a variety of illnesses and conditions. While it may seem easy enough to just attempt to stand up straight, many of us know that it can be hard to realize just how hunched over we are…

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