Cinebistro in Apex NC

Read here to see what our Apex chiropractors have to say about CinéBistro, an upscale cinema experience.

"CinéBistro is a “dinner-and-a-movie” concept developed by Cobb Theatres. We offer a luxurious and pampering movie-going experience with amenities such as reserved seating in cozy, large leather seats, in-theatre, full-service dining and state-of-the-art movie viewing including all-digital projection. Enjoy Chef prepared American Bistro cuisine, fine wines and signature cocktails served in-theatre in an environment like no other. CinéBistro also features a contemporary yet comfortable bar and lounge with full menu offerings, perfect for gatherings before and after the show. The bar and lounge are also available to guests not seeing a movie. We are a strictly 21+ establishment for all shows beginning 6pm and later. Guests under 21 are permitted with a parent/guardian for shows beginning before 6pm."

The Cinema Experience

Compared with Silverspot, Apex's CinéBistro feels ludicrously decadent. It, too, has a bar in its front lobby, but it's seating options also include cocktail tables and a cushy lounge area that boasts a gas fireplace. It's much smaller, with five screens, nine fewer than Silverspot. You can order appetizers, drinks and desserts at the lobby bar, but your dinner isn't served until you make your way into the theater.

Before an 8 p.m. screening of The Night Before, a screen in the lobby is locked on the It's a Wonderful Life DVD menu for the few minutes I wait before getting seated. Like Silverspot, CinéBistro features self-reserved seating, but instead of stadium-style, the seats are flat rows of recliners in front of a massively widescreen, where I watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his friends romp across New York in the sly Christmas comedy. While Silverspot offers a thoughtfully enhanced night at the movies, CinéBistro is more about the overall dinner-and-a-movie experience, with upgrades at every turn. Everything is bigger, but not necessarily better. My seat reclines to my liking at the touch of a button, but the picture on the enormous screen is often blurry around the edges even in scenes outside of Seth Rogen's drug haze.

CinéBistro offers popcorn and a few different candies, but these are more of a footnote on its grandiose menu. For in-theater service, you're called to your seat about half an hour before the movie starts (this ensures servers aren't distractingly coming in and out during the movie). You have a few minutes to look over the menu that waits, along with silverware rolled in a cloth napkin, at your chosen seat. Then a solicitous server, armed with an iPad and dressed in standard black-and-white high-end service garb, arrives to take your order. Appetizers, entrées, drinks, and desserts arrive all at once. Candy selections are limited to six basics: Twizzlers, Peanut M&Ms, Reese's Pieces, Buncha Crunch, Milk Duds and, inexplicably, Sun-Maid chocolate-covered raisins.

The theaters' menu offerings: burgers, salads, a couple of miscellaneous sandwiches. CinéBistro's menu is heavy on meat, including crab cakes, a New York strip steak and North Carolina trout. My bacon mac-and-cheese, with chicken subbed for shrimp, is thick and smoky, but not so spectacular as to merit the $17 price. Across the board, the food was great and worth the price. It is a perfect date night experience with your loved one.