Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Apex

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Apex

As we are in the middle of flu season and facing the COVID 19 outbreak, we wanted to shed some light on the history of chiropractic treatment and preventative measures for such viruses. We understand the worries surrounding the coronavirus right now, and we take the safety of our patients very seriously.

Each day, in addition to our regular cleaning protocols, we are consistently cleaning after each client that comes through. Since we do not have a high traffic office, we see no more than one patient at a time which enables us to keep a clean environment to help boost your immunity!

FUN FACT: Early chiropractic was used to treat infectious diseases not back and neck pain.

In 1918, a pandemic known as the Spanish flu infected around 500 million people worldwide. It is estimated to have killed 50 million of those infected and that number could be as high as 100 million according to some reports, making it one of the most deadly pandemics in our history.
In the State of Iowa, medical doctors treated 93,590 influenza patients with 6,116 deaths. That is 1 out of 15 died compared to chiropractic patients at 1 out of 789. In Oklahoma, chiropractors treated 3,490 patients and only 7 died. Since the chiropractic field was pretty new at this point, the people making these adjustments were mainly students. Total records indicate that 46,394 patients treated with chiropractic care during 1918 and only 54 died. That’s 1 out of 886, whereas medical doctors were 1 out of 15.

Now, we are not bashing the medical community at all. There are tools like antibiotics and vaccines now that they didn’t have then. We just want you to understand that chiropractic adjustments remove the nerve interference so that your body has 100 percent capacity to heal itself, 100 percent capacity to prevent sickness, and the adjustment allows you to thrive and perform to its optimal ability.

FUN FACT: Chiropractic adjustments can help increase your immune function by 200%!

We are here for you! So don’t worry about getting us sick or not coming into the office. We are fine. My staff and I are getting adjusted, taking supplements, and eating healthy. We just want you to keep your appointments and get checked so you can stay healthy during this crisis as well. Although we are facing a difficult time as a small business, our priority is to ensure the well-being of the people in our community. In order to help everyone to fight this outbreak, we are running a FREE First Visit Special.

We acknowledge that many people are trying to remain as healthy as possible. So, if you choose to stay home and safe we understand! However, please consider buying Gift Certificates to share with friends and family or to use for your sessions and purchases.

Thank you for your continuous support!

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