What Is Hip Hinge And Why Is It Important?

Woman Weight Lifting Avoiding Hip Hinge in Cary NC

Exercises to Help With Hip Hinge in Cary NCThe hip hinge in Cary is one of the fundamental movement patterns that we use. Think… pick something up off the floor. of a lot of programs, and one of the most effective ways of building lower body strength. It’s a staple of deadlifts, squats, and anything that requires explosiveness, like sprinting, jumping, Olympic lifting, and any athletic type movements. 

A big problem a lot of people get into is figuring out how to get the hips to flex and extend without moving the lower back along with it. The lumbopelvic dissociation is a common limiting factor, but a major one to overcome if you want to hoist many pounds against the pull of gravity without ripping your spine apart. 

The Importance of Maintaining A Healthy Hip Hinge in Cary NC

The hip hinge is essentially limiting the movement potential of the entire system to having all flexion and extension driven from the hip joint. The goal is to have the spine stay neutral throughout the entire movement. That is the job of the Core… stabilize the spine from all external forces. 

Exercises to Help With Hip Hinge in Cary NC

Once you have some core stability, we can start using it in a basic hip hinge progression that takes a person from a fully supported and unresisted position (lying on your back and pick your butt up) into a full functional deadlift. 

But, what is the benefit of this hip hinge. Besides deadlifting and generating power. Well… the hip joint is supposed to be a mobile joint. If it doesn’t move the way it is designed to then there will be excessive movement in the areas above and below (lower back and knees). Those areas will have excessive wear and tear applied to them. Resulting in injuries and early arthritic changes. THAT’S WHY! 

So, be proactive and stay on top of the hip hinge. Our motto at Omega Chiropractic Center - Sports Performance & Nutrition in Cary is “Train the Deadlift, maintain the Squat”. That is how important we view the hinge.

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