How Does Your Pelvis Affect The Rest Of Your Spine?

How Does Your Pelvis Affect
The Rest Of Your Spine?

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Everyone knows a thing or two about our spines. It’s made up of 24 small vertebrae to create a spinal column. Between each of those 24 vertebras is a soft gel like cushion which are called your disc that help your bones from rubbing against each other. Your pelvis is centrally located with your spine and where your hips are connected. Your pelvis should always be at a neutral aligned state, but it can also tilt back and forth and rotate.

Have you experienced lower back pain in Apex and you feel like your muscles are tightened up? This could be because your pelvis is tilted forward. There are many ways your pelvis can be tilted forward such as is you are pregnancy and or have bad posture. Now, if your pelvis is tilted backwards you may experience your back elongating more than it normally should be doing. In order to get your pelvis to be in that neutral position rather than it being deviated, stretches that target your hips, back, and core are essential.

The Importance of Being Properly Aligned

Another thing that is very crucial to know is that pelvic obliquity is also a huge factor in affecting the spine. This is where one hip is higher than the other and people with this most likely have a leg length difference or scoliosis. This can affect your day to day life with the simple things of sitting, walking, housework, playing sports, etc.

The take away from this is to better understand what your pelvis is doing and noticing if it has gone forward, backwards, and rotated to one side than the other. Learning how to correct your posture and also focusing on stretches/exercises catered to your hips, back, and core can prevent hurting your spine in the process.

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