The Core

Pilates For Core Stability

The core is one of the most important areas in our body to maintain, due to it being incorporated in almost every movement of our body. Our core is made up of muscles that extend far beyond the abdomen, such as areas in our back, hips, and chest. The core helps with mobility, stability and strength, allowing our bodies to move freely and exert force as well as absorb it. It is important to develop a strong core in order to function properly throughout our day, and limit the amount of stress that impacts our bodies. Top Cary chiropractor further explains the importance of maintaining a strong core.

Why maintain a strong core in Cary NC?

Chop and Lift Exercises For A Strong CoreHaving a strong core helps with stability and balance, since the core works to support the body. Without a strong core, our back and spine are compromised. We won't be able to sit up straight, we are not able to lift things properly, and we lack power in movements as simple as walking, running and standing. So don’t think of your core as just “abs' ' but the supporting structures for the spine. When you bend, twist, push, pull….. Can your spine stay stable? 

Chiropractic care at Omega Chiropractic Center - Sports Performance & Nutrition in Cary helps to stabilize the spine, and working with a strong core will make you less susceptible to injury. The core is at the center of the body, along with our spine, and any malfunction in these areas will lead to further injury. Once these areas are compromised, other muscle groups have to work harder to keep the body stable, which leads to spasms and misalignment in more than just the spinal column.

Sitting upright and having a strong core also allows for signals from our brain to flow easier to other areas of our body. Think of a garden hose - once there is a kink, the water does not pass through easily and until we straighten out the hose, it’s function is useless. Our bodies work in this same way, which is why maintaining good posture and a strong core is essential for the function of our bodies.

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