Why Core Strength Is So Important

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What people don’t realize is that your core is essentially your engine that’s in your car. You need an engine in order to function and drive properly right? Top Cary Chiropractor Tri Myers explains that your core has the same exact purpose. Your core is used in everything that you do in your everyday activities. Your core is the base of support of your entire body and in order to have its purpose being used correctly, you need to maintain a strong core.

Maintaining A Strong Core In Cary NC With Exercises

When people think about core they think about abs. When you are talking about your core, you are talking about so many muscles being involved such as your pelvic floor muscles, your back muscles, and your diaphragm. In order to have your car properly functioning, you must have your engine working. And when your engine isn’t working properly, you go get it checked out. Th body is the same way. When something feels off or you know something is wrong, that’s when you seek help and get an adjustment.

Here are a few exercises that you can do to create a strong core:

  • Push-ups, Walk out push-ups with shoulder taps, Plank, Side Planks.

It is best to aware you of your core muscles and then it makes it easier to realize that you have to activate them during all your exercises.

Just remember, abs are way deeper than what they appear. If you do not see your abs, know that you still have them and that your core is more than just that six pack on the outside.

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