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How Ankles Affect Gait and Squats

How Ankles Affect Gait and Squats

Ankle Pain in Cary NC

Think of your ankles like they are your stabilizers in anything that you try to perform on a day to day basis. Once you mess up your stabilizers aka your ankles, your body can suffer from many negative outcomes. Your body is one giant kinetic chain. Everything works together and they all have a job to do. If one thing such as your ankle placement when performing an exercise is off, that can mess up more than you think. Squatting is one exercise that is used for many different purposes. Your stance is everything and you must know the proper form before loading any weight when doing a squat. Just think, if you were to get into a squat and your ankles aren’t mobile and you go ahead and squat, your Achilles tendon might be tight and pop out during your squat. This can cause pain in your knees, glutes, and you may simply feel like your legs are going to crumble right down.

Avoiding Ankle Injuries in Cary NC

Always remember that when you are stretching in the mornings, always try and stretch out your calves so that you can have ankle mobility throughout the day. You can do ankle letters that can help mobilize them. You may even consider those fancy heels that you wear sometimes or on a regular basis that they aren’t worth the injury that they could make to your body. Just remember, ankles are your stabilizers in everything you do, and you need to create mobility from the feet down in order to functionally perform properly every day.

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