How Posture Complements Neck Alignment Stability

Woman Suffering From Neck Pain

Remember when your mom would always bug you about having bad posture and moved your shoulders back and told you to not slouch? She was definitely onto something and it wasn’t just to annoy you. When you’re feeling that headache come on or having neck problems, this could be a result in having bad posture. Having bad posture and slouching can create your head to be more forward and this causes your neck to overwork itself, causing many issues such as headaches and other neck issues. Top Cary chiropractor Tri Myers of Omega Chiropractic Center - Sports Performance & Nutrition explains how to avoid this tension.

Your muscles, nerves, connective tissues, joints and spinal disks are all affected by bad posture. Your body is not neutral and aligned properly so this creates an imbalance which can lead to a handful of bad side effects. Bad posture can actually worsen TMJ because when you have bad posture this again makes your head more forward which puts an excessive amount of tension on the jaw muscles causes worse TMJ problems and neck problems.

Avoiding Headaches in Cary NC

Ever have that headache/migraine out of nowhere? They can be caused by bad posture which is then creating tension in your neck thus resulting in a headache from what seems to be the darkest place ever. Omega Chiropractic Center - Sports Performance & Nutrition in Cary explains how your posture has a lot to do with your neck alignment because you could have a crick in the neck and pinched nerves in the neck.

How to improve posture and reducing the pain? One easy fix is that you could do the following exercises:

  • Face pulls, KB shoulder press, Turkish Get Ups

You can also ty the chin tucks and 6-way neck stretch. However, the exercises can help with improving your posture but receiving adjustments to get those muscles and joints back into place work hand in hand. Remember, bad posture leads to a bad neck with tons of issues. So, if you want to have less issues in your neck, try improving your posture so that your whole body is happy and healthy.

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