What Is High Threshold Movement?

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High threshold movement is the fast, mobilization muscle that contracts for high load tasks. Do you work out and include strength training? If you said yes, then you use a high threshold strategy during your workouts. To better understand what high threshold is, you have to start by really focusing on your breathing, posture, and alignment and make sure that you have those down before even starting any type of workout. You may hear from some people that high-threshold strategy can be a type of dysfunctional motor strategy but that isn’t the case. All athletes perform using this high threshold strategy because they are able to use that quick explosion of motor output, torque and force production, able to use high load, high force, and high velocity. Every athlete needs to focus on their breathing as their number one focus because this will allow for your body to be able to use that force to help with their movement for that load.

Examples of high threshold are:

  • Hard Rolling for your core
  • Single Arm Rows
  • Deadlifts

Think of your workouts as different strategies such as mobility, low threshold stability, and high threshold training. You need to have the movement fundamentals first then the performance and then the skill with anything that you do. That’s the pyramid that you should follow when performing a workout. Just don’t forget that these muscles can lock up because they have contracted, and they will tend to have decreased blood flow and become fibrotic. By allowing your body to go back to a low threshold strategy it will help with this. Always just keep tabs on your threshold strategy and your exercise regimen will be more effective.

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