Avoiding Joint And Nerve Pain In Cary

Joint and Nerve Pain in Cary NC

There is a distinct difference between joint pain and nerve pain in Cary, however, their symptoms are very alike. Understanding what you are feeling in your body is crucially important to knowing how to properly treat it as well as changing your patterns to prevent it from occurring again. Chiropractors work with both of these issues, and are able to assess where the pain originates from - whether it be from the joint or from the nerve itself. 

Differences Between Joint And Nerve Pain Explained by Cary Chiropractor

Nerve Pain in Cary NC

When you experience pain on or around a joint, it may sometimes be difficult to identify the difference between joint and nerve pain. Both can be treated at chiropractic offices, where the doctor will assess which movement is causing the pain to then treat either joint dysfunction, nerve compression, or both. 

Facet joint syndrome is commonly treated in chiropractic offices, as the facet joints are located in the lower spine. The role of the facet joint is to control excessive movement in the lower back; helping to stabilize the mobility of the spine. Injury to this area, or over excessive movement can cause pain not only located in the spine, but will also cause surrounding muscles to spasm. Some may confuse this pain with nerve pain, although diagnosing the two is very different. To generalize, the difference between a facet-type syndrome and a disc-type syndrome is that disc injuries are very sensitive to forward flexion and rotation and facet injuries and synovitis are very sensitive to extension.

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