Cary Chiropractor Explains How The Pelvis Affects The Rest Of Your Spine

Woman Suffering From Back Pain in Cary NC

Your pelvis is the foundation of your spine that helps to stabilize your back and surrounding structures. If your pelvis is out of alignment, or if you have bad posture, this could cause many issues for the spine’s alignment and long-term health. Many times, patients that see a chiropractor in Cary for lower back pain are usually experiencing symptoms of a pelvic tilt or misalignment of the pelvis. Once the “foundation” is tilted or rotated, it will cause an unstable balance in the spine, causing discs to shift and compress usually causing back pain. 


Affect The Pelvis Has On Your BodyPoor posture is one of the leading causes of the anterior pelvic tilt, which is very common especially among people who sit during most of their day. Sitting all day will cause your hip flexors to tighten up, leading to your pelvis tilting forward to counteract this problem. Anterior pelvic tilt is where your hips sit forward and your tailbone tilts up and back, putting pressure on the lower lumbar spine. If this pelvic tilt goes uncorrected, it makes surrounding muscles and ligaments tighten or lengthen themselves to adjust to this instability. Not correcting bad posture and a pelvic tilt can cause long-term damage in the stability of your skeletal system. 

How can chiropractic in Omega care help?

Good Posture Versus Bad PostureStabilizing the spine requires a strong, even foundation and with any pelvic tilt, it immediately causes the stability of the spine to waver. Chiropractors in Cary specialize in helping to balance the pelvis, while also working on strengthening muscle groups like core, hamstrings and glutes to help keep the pelvis aligned and stable. They will be able to put the foundation of the spine to a stable position, and then strengthen the surrounding areas in order to maintain this stability.

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