What Are Oblique Slings?

What Are Oblique Slings?

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Many people do not know what Oblique slings are. Do you? Do you know the use for these?

Oblique Sling is a line of musculature that runs from your shoulder to the side of your pelvis. So essentially it goes from your right shoulder to your left hip and your left shoulder to your right hip. This is what allows for your pelvis to rotate. Your oblique sling begins just above the hip and moves to the rectus abdominus and to the internal oblique and to the serratus, then to the pec on the opposite side. All of this is essentially for rotation and that allows you to do any movement that you are doing in your daily life.

Importance of Oblique Slings in Apex NC

Oblique slings play a huge role in throwing. This is an eccentric contraction which this energy that is released when the muscle is lengthened contract and then finishes the stretch reflex. When you’re throwing this stretch reflex, it is adding length movement and is separating the shoulders and pelvis. This is creating a whip like effect so that you are able to throw that ball that is in your hand harder and as far as you can. The longer the whip, you are able to gain greater speed.

There are tons of exercises that can help activate your oblique slings that will help keep them strengthened and remain mobile.

  • Prone opposite Arm and Leg Lifts
  • Jefferson Deadlifts
  • Bicycles when working out core
  • Renegade Row
  • Alternating Power Step-Ups
  • Single- Leg Romanian Deadlift
  • Side Plank

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