Your Thoracic Spine Should Have Tons of Mobility.. Why?

Your Thoracic Spine Should Have
Tons of Mobility.. Why?

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First off, do you even know where your thoracic spine is located? Most people will only know things like; lower back, upper back, and neck. Your Thoracic is spine is right behind your shoulder and chest area. Your thoracic spine is built for 3 functions; rotation, flexion, and extension. This allows you to twist, move right to left, flex and bend.

In order to accomplish its three main functions, top Apex chiropractor Tri Myers explains that you must keep it mobile. It needs to have its full range in motion because if it doesn’t, many things can happen to your spine that will cause many problems. Hunched shoulders, barely any range of motion, all over back issues, and other problems can exist.

Isn’t it crazy that if just one thing is immobile it can actually affect the entire body? I mean, you have to think that your sine is all connected. If something is out of alignment o some part is not mobile, this will cause the rest of it to in a sense, freak out.

Keeping Your Spine Healthy in Apex NC

Most people will not recognize that their pain that they are having is caused by an immobile thoracic spine. There are many ways to create mobility/and remain mobile in your thoracic spine:

  • Lengthen and straighten your thoracic sine
  • Breathe in deep breathes (this will cause your spine to move with each breath)
  • Watch out for your posture! When looking at your posture, try and have your shoulders set back and do not sway your lower back.
  • Exercises such as Lumbar Lock T-sp rotation drill, Bobble Head T-bar, and arm bar with neck rotations, and Parloff presses will help with this too.
  • Other exercises are; Brueggers Maneuver as well.

Just remember that the body is in one piece. You must fix what is hurting now, so that other parts of the body don’t get impacted and reaps the negative effects that you are getting from the injured spot that is hurting now.

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