Should Your Neck Tighten Up With Arm Movements?

Should Your Neck Tighten Up
With Arm Movements?

Neck Pain in Apex NC

There are many reasons as to why your neck is tightening up when you are moving your arms. It could because of some of these factors:

  1. Your posture
  2. Your computer
  3. Your phone
  4. Your purse
  5. Your sleeping habits
  6. Your TMJ
  7. Your stress
  8. Your job

Top Apex chiropractor explains that your posture could be a big reason as to why your neck is muscles are tightening up due to your posture being poor. Having poor posture can create an imbalance which then your muscles in your neck tighten up.

When you are sitting down at your computer for long period of times this can also cause your cervical muscles to contract which then also contributes to tightness of your neck.

Another thing that was stated above was your purse. Ladies, if you have your whole life in your purse this could be contributing to an uneven strain in your neck which will lead to tightness as well.

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain in Apex NC

Have you ever woken up and your neck may hurt and all you did was sleep? Well, your sleeping habits can be affecting your arms, and this will cause your shoulder to be irritated and then this affects your neck. There are many ways you can change this, and Dr. Myers of Omega Chiropractic Center - Sports Performance & Nutrition in Apex can show you ways to sleep the proper way too!

Something to look for too is any TMJ issues you are experiencing in your jaw. This can really affect your neck because it is making your jaw and face in discomfort which will cause your neck to be in discomfort too.

You all know this one.. STRESS/SICKNESS. Ever have a random day where your neck is stiff and in pain? Well, stress can actually give you tension in your neck and when you are getting sick you are more likely to see some discomfort in your neck as well. Honestly, for some people, having a stiff neck can be the first sign of someone getting sick.

Lastly, your job can be a causer to your neck becoming tight. If you are preforming repetitive movement with your arms and upper body, this can affect your neck in a negative way and this can cause your neck muscles to become tight.

Overall, your neck has many jobs and there are many ways to help the tightness in your neck. Just relax, move, change your work environment, and do your neck exercises!

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